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Skilled Pinterest, Community Manager, & Admin VA

Hi, I'm Alie, an experienced Virtual Assistant with effective managerial skills. I worked in various roles before founding AEVISION VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS, mostly in the creative sectors. 


I thrive on being able to efficiently assist my clients during busy periods and take on whatever tasks are required. The best part about being a manager is how varied the work is; I'm constantly learning new techniques and working methods, so it never gets boring. 


I provide all aspects of business support at AEVISION VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS, focusing on smoothening your roadmap to success without any hassle of managing itsy-bitsy tasks that require significant time. I work with clients to ensure a positive online presence across multiple social media platforms like Facebook & Pinterest. Pinterest Management, Community Management, and Administrative Support are areas where I excel. I can find straightforward solutions to hard challenges because I have over 2 years of expertise in numerous online businesses.

 My Clients

Organized and Efficient

“I hired Alie for Pinterest Setup and Management. Not only she aced the entire account setup, devised strategy, but also delivered optimized boards. Alie nailed my business and pulled off my accounts with quick turnarounds, beyond expectations. This person got professionalism. Recommended.”

Aurelia Lane


Work With Me!

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